“See ya later”

Sadly, our journey with HackHive has come to an end. During our short time, we connected 10’s of thousands of developers, data scientists, designers, career switchers, dreamers, really anyone who dared to learn something new and build something to share with the world.

Massive thank you to anyone who dared believe in us, even when we didn’t. Thank you to our employees and interns who took a shot on an idea, even when our website crashed half of the time. Thank you to our investors, who believed in a whiteboard drawing and an energetic group of kids. And mostly thank you to our users, who took a shot at using a new service that no one had ever heard of and gave us your precious time and feedback.

We are forver in your debt.

In the meantime our team is joining Google! We couldn’t be more excited to help YouTube grow and reach Kids and Families around the world.

Please reachout if we can helpful in anyway.

[email protected]